Thursday, May 14, 2015

definitely not the flavor of chicken

photo by Don Graham

She's a back country road sign
w/ buckshot,

from trucks passing
in the dark,
                 a mess

of honey-
suckle at the foot
of the wood         post

making the air thick
enough to taste;
                      a mouthful

of forevers,
with hands           too cracked
                           to hold

Soon, her bus will come,
my light will change

& the baby at her breast
will fall off the nipple, lips slick
with life as warm as the sun on my leg,
through the window,

as he slips into a dream ---

Hang on little one,
I am rooting for you.


  1. What an interesting snapshot of the woman, baby, bus on the street ~ I'm rooting for the little one too ~

  2. Really intriguing.. I love the image of a woman being the roadsign marked with buckshot.. I have a hope that mother and child are leaving for a better life.

  3. I love this. Life happens in the best and the worst places. The structure really makes each word weigh to its fullest.

  4. I really loved all of the details you added in this poem. From the sign riddled with buckshot to the baby at her breast, you captured my attention and kept it throughout!

  5. ...& the baby at her breast
    will fall off the nipple, lips slick
    with life as warm as the sun on my leg.... that's my fav part here... the taste and warmth of life and the hope for a future for the little one - no matter the circumstances...

  6. It is wonderful the way that you move from the sign post to the mother--so that the sign post seems just a metaphor for the mother, and perhaps it is or perhaps a sign post--agree with hedge that your enjambment works super super well. Thanks. k.

    1. I wanted to say liked the rooting after the nursing as it is a nursing word. Thanks. K.

  7. I love this. Every perfect word. Your spacing and treatments are particularly effective. Coming from trash, indeed.

    1. What you did with the word "rooting" was very clever.

  8. You really make us look in your poem, x. And it works, we see them, the mother, the child and we want to root for them too. Great use of the layout to add meaning to your words too.

  9. "my light with change" ... You mean "will change," right?

    1. Yes, I do. Thanks for the catch.

  10. So sweet. I could picture it happening here too. Mothers feed babies anywhere and everywhere and the babies are so content! Even if he slipped off the nipple he will find his way back...