Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Facta, non verba ~ Faciam quodlibet quod necesse est

I don't mean to be an asshole,
                                  it just happens,

like mac n' cheese ---
try as you might to keep them apart,
they sneak out at night & melt
into one another,

noodles plump-ing up
as cheese works its way into the in-most parts,
the warmth you feel as the first spoon
lays them on your tongue
traveling down
                        & building a comfort-
                        able home within

A place you want to return
not always found in
                                    a room divided by cubes,
a 100 emails by noon, only some Exclamation Point-ed
for prompt attention - needing something, the cereal box
where your bed exists & your arm up to its wrist
in the mouth seeking the prize at the bottom
the cute cartoon on the front promises
is there, but ---
                           someone else got to it
the wrong color socks
"No, I did not give it much thought."
"I really don't care about --- socks.
They serve their purpose."
"Seriously, they are fucking socks
                             --- get over it already."

And mac n' cheese & all their warmth ---
          are too
                quickly forgotten.

So when you come,
           to take my bowl, break into my home,
with sledgehammers / tin snips /
the lock pick
                    of your tongue,
                             threatening those I hold
                             as mac n' cheese

I will be the asshole
you never dreamed of /
          in whatever language you choose,
          & with a spoon
                    spouting "Cause, it hurts more"
                    in my best English accent

& you can play the victim,
of circumstance / of your own ignorance,
                                    I won't argue

            enjoying every bite
            of my mac n' cheese,

knowing you could have some too,
if you were not so busy
                              being you.


  1. Great piece, especially liked the food references, woven around life experiences.

  2. The Mac n'cheese is an excellent metaphor for all those things we hold dear, and honestly sharing those things and invite we might just share with those that beyond their cereal box. So many great layers here.. just like mac n' cheese...

  3. indeed layered like a pizza, your words hiding all their meanings only for those who see, and i fail often, my life...

  4. Oh yessss, one of my fav tastes - the melted cheese will seduce me every time. Taste buds take over to the exclusion of words... Surrender to the bliss of the moment. Love your descriptions! Even the exclamation marks don't distract.

  5. Well, I like the part about playing the victim. There are some in this world that have that role down pat. As for Mac and Cheese, they do go together. And yes, it is in the deeds and not the words. And Mac and Cheese & socks do have their purposes... they both 'do what it takes.'

    1. Ah, you understand Latin. And mac n' cheese.

  6. Creamy cheese layered for a tuck in. Gets in line with lots of life's opportunities not exploited for one's good. Well said X!


  7. I have not had macaroni and cheese in years and I could not help but reminisce.We are all asshole sometimes especially when people impinge on our space


  8. This is fantastic. If you can turn mac and cheese into a metaphor, then you probably have every right to just go ahead and be an asshole. Seriously, this is such a great poem. Well done.

    1. Oh, I believe mac n' cheese could be a metaphor for many things.

    2. Ha. I'm sure you're right. :) It's an apt metaphor, but that stuff is disgusting. My kids were actually making some for breakfast as I read your poem this morning, which made me giggle. I guess it depends what you see as your mac and cheese. I read it a few different ways, but in the end, it reminded me how important it is to let your family be your mac and cheese, even if they are the opposite of your comfort.

      ~Hey, I'll let you see one of my blogs. In case you want to keep up with my addiction to music and dancing. But the rambly garbage words are still private. Are you watching my dancing show yet? It's seriously my mac and cheese. :P

  9. a bit of your warrior spirit in this... and a wonderful fast-paced beat - i love that you are willing to protect and defend people *pulls her hat* sir timothy x braveheart

    1. Seriously, you should see me in a kilt - and blue face paint.


  10. I can relate to the room divided by cubes & 100 emails by noon, smiles ~

    I specially admire this part:

    I will be the asshole
    you never dreamed of /
    in whatever language you choose

    You can tell the character of the person by their deeds, not their words ~ And your title is always so unique I can only dream ha ~

    Thanks for the warm serving of mac and cheese ~

  11. I like the mac and cheese metaphor. There is indeed something very special about pasta and melting cheese although I am not sure why. I discovered recently that I love stuffed (with ricotta and parmesan) pasta shells. Deeds do speak louder than words. Some people are expert with their words until they dissolve into nothingness.

  12. Melted cheese is very moreish - although one of my sons is not a big fan of any kind of cheese. I am stunned how he did not inherit that gene from me!
    I like the layout on the page of the poem - the single words or phrases dangling at the end of some lines - very much like cheese strings dangling from the pasta shells. And there is an urgent, fast beat to the poem which would make it very suitable to be a spoken word poem to my mind!

  13. Just Wowzer X-Man; warrior spirit indeed, for this piece is layered deep in metaphor, & yet drags us across our tastebuds, resonating with every comfort food we also cherish. Like, Grace, I enjoyed the /I will be the asshole/ lines. Your last stanza is killer-perfect. Not long ago, I had a tooth extracted, & had to go on a soft food diet for a week, & I discovered there is a whole world of mac & cheese dishes out there, three cheeses, jalapeños, with bacon & such; & I gobbled them gloriously.

    1. When I lived outdoors, camping for a little over a year, it was a treat to get a pack of pepperoni to mix in with the mac n cheese. Brown them in the cast iron skillet and blend in the mac, oh my. I am all for variation.

  14. Yeppers, you muck about with my space, my loved ones, my precious things and the well sharpened katana will come out and you will discover after the words - walk away now...the deed will be done and you may not walk away but if you are lucky, you will crawl away. I like how you used the macaroni and cheese in this. Because after all, poems about food are not always about food. Mac and cheese may be soft and warm and gooey but it doesn't mean it is a victim - I enjoyed this immensely - and like mac and cheese, even better on the second savoring.

  15. That is such an intriguing write. I like how you layer so many images one over another, well balanced metaphorically. An extended use of mac n cheese as the metaphor for everything near and dear to us is wonderful. I really liked this bit:
    "& with a spoon/spouting "Cause, it hurts more"/in my best English accent".

    I have a tiny query. Was that use of "to" in the line third from last intentional? Or is it "too" you were going to use?

  16. Nope. You are right. Missed that in editting.


    The "Cause it hurts more" line is from Robin Hood. Alan Rickman lays it down nice.

  17. This is an excellent piece of work! I do love mac and cheese :D
    Thanks for stopping by :D

  18. Brilliant!! and Genius if I may say so myself.
    I love mac and cheese but the vegetarian kind.
    I don't mind every once in a great while to eat me up some
    of that delicious home-made mac and cheese, mmmm....yummy!

    This poem of yours got me hooked...and it also, had a feel to William Burroughs,
    who by the way - is my favorite author.

    Beautiful imagery my friend. Thanks so much for stopping by my page. :)

  19. Whew! That's some powerful mac'n cheese!Great images here.

  20. Yep X i am an asshole too. An asshole with an unlocked, cocked, loaded and ready for a trigger pull Mossberg 500-8. The Visigoths may assault my mac & cheese with words and they will get me spitting stones od destruction back in that battle, but try to take my comfort and someone will at the very least be taken away with no gender left them.

  21. I read this a couple of times before I commented as I needed to peel some of the layers away. Sometimes you have to be that warrior with bow and arrow ready to defend.

    Ha 100 emails by noon - sounds like a day in my cubicle world...where I am bombarded by nasty grams...everything being a rush, but in reality most of it is garbage.

    Hope you have a good week - a hawk is a hawk - no changing that...exceptional vision and the ability to swoop down for an attack if need be...

  22. Macaroni cheese, one of those things people seem to love or hate.

  23. Difficult read. I used to like mac & cheese...

  24. I will be the asshole
    you never dreamed of /
    in whatever language you choose

    classic line--your mac-n-cheese here is the creamiest, and yet, of course, as a food source, it has a lot of drawbacks as well. A metaphor that is more home-baked than microwaved, though, but for me this poem revolves around how necessary it is to protect not just others, but your own sense of self that enables that protection, because it ain't easy.

  25. Oh.. the Mac-N-Cheese of life.. a wonderful metaphor for the blanket of life.. where some folks hang in trees and other folks are forest.. monkey see.. monkey do.. monkey hear.. i am u u or me.. we are us.. GOD are we.. hehe haha.. life's a blast when floating on mac-n-cheese as a blanket of life..;)

  26. Guess you're a little passionate about mac 'n cheese.. :D


  27. Ah,the comfort of home, with all that goes along with it, the ups and downs, the ins and outs of life..mac & cheese still reigns as a true comfort food.
    Excellently done!

  28. I love mac & cheese, but can't eat it anymore. I think that fact distracted me from absorbing the most out of this poem. I may have to come back and read it again.

  29. Love the close--I just want to roar at some people--but the ones I hold dear--there is a velvet in their presence--so yup on the mac n cheese bit

  30. Facta is always facta....but remember that we can't immediately jump from our vortex of vibrations into another one, even if it is of the closer one... time and spiral spin taking place... enjoyed :)

  31. Ah. It is so hard to let others be and enjoy what is there to be enjoyed. I am working hard on that. Thanks. k.

  32. All smiles....it shows attitudes....habits and I think I can layer out many meanings if I am going to read it more...very interesting!

  33. One of my very favourite meals, with a lovely crispy strong cheddary top.
    You've made me hungry.

  34. "cause it hurts more, you twit!" Perhaps one of the best movie lines ever! You really took mac 'n cheese on quite the adventure here!

  35. Mac n' cheese, the comfort food. I always enjoyed it with chopped up hot dogs.