Tuesday, June 9, 2015

The joy of papercuts

photo by stephen h

You are the book
                          that never reaches

               bed / side / table,

I would love
                to spread
                along the spine
                & consume
                                                          ~every word.


  1. Good metaphorical poem. It does feel like one consumes the words as they disappear into one's brain. The title reflects the way words can affect one deeply.

  2. Ha, charming. I think you "do" love, rather than would. Thanks.

  3. and absorb all the gist, life too like a book with different chapters that we learn each and every day

  4. What a great book.. love the thought of consuming every word.. though the papercuts can be a little distressing.. unrequited?

  5. A rich metaphoric treat. Every word is one to savor.

  6. For me, it's all about that Y. It's the bottom half of an upside-down stick figure. The opposite of a mermaid's "tale." The reverse stature of a functioning broom.

    This is an exceptional, passionate, ingenious poem that ends with the man having "paper cuts" on his tongue from zealously "licking envelopes," so to speak.

    I have an equivalent love/lust relationship with books, I must confess. I've never considered that what I was doing with the most delicious I've ever read was "going down on its spine," but I suppose the sentiment is fairly comparable. Not the scentiment, mind you~ That would be rather alarming, particularly since I primarily read library books.

    1. BINGO.

      Yeah, not sure I would be licking many library books. Far too many hands on those, you know. And will be checked out by many more after you.

    2. What you did with your line breaks, spacing, and backslashes added so much layering to this.

      Ooh, I just saw something new in "to spread" ~
      to S.P. read = to Sylvia Plath read

      Even better.

  7. No telling what story is there till you read, yet one gets the feeling that book is a personal favorite.

  8. there's a beautiful and tender intimacy in this... and i def. can relate to the longing... papercuts and all...

  9. that yearning is palpable...may you read every word :)

  10. Also, I have just realised that the first part means that the writer thinks she is out of his reach and he longs to get to know her better.

  11. I don't enjoy the papercuts, but the longing to consume each word...that I can relate ~

  12. paper cuts I don't fear, no books I panic what a lovely input X is the Word 'k will catch up eventually ....