Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Acceptance in the age of imperialism

photo by martin fisch


                                      LOOK AT ME!
                                        Look @ Me!
                                            Look ---

I have a message,
as much as the message has me,
is becoming I // for those who have eyes to see
I am the pupil,

dilated 2 centimeters
ready to birth --

i am                   unimportant,

                                        look @ a tree,
                             what do you see?

A trunk, some limbs - the beauty
of the leaves / stability - oxygen to breathe,
a home for birds / a house for you, a fire to keep
warm ---
                 but what of the roots?

hidden beneath
                       & without which nations would fall,
                             are the frame which holds the canvas
                                and yet
all we see
are the colors the painter paints with
across the surface / make believe
as make up /
                     it plays to our comfort
                     zones apart from our differences

Whole scriptures have been written on the lips
of lovers, only to twist into whips from bully pulpits,

                                    is the new love,

You may exist,
as long as you don't mess with                ME

the castle i've built in the sandbox,
                               dam-ing tides
                               with superficial acceptance -
our art is lines drawn
like fences on the prairie / to keep out / to keep in
our content-ment in the contents
of our parcel of the cont(in)ent

                                      but the grass betrays us
                                      ever greener on the next hill,
                                      so we cain Abel,

                                                  in just war,

Comparison kills
in ways
                can only envy

History is no one story building,
but has elevators

                                                   it's all about

displacing whole peoples for the benefit of     US
& them - well they will be fine,

                          it's a new place,
                          just for them - within lines
                          drawn by US

so generous,
we send aid - to those that support
or will convert
to our,
               be baptized in
               the CULTure of      US
           (call now and we will include a free cosmetics kit,
                 that reflects the diversity of our thought

I've got mine.

drawn in chalk
so when the rain comes
it washes it off

                                                              even then
                                                              I'll draw it again


  1. You certainly get my attention with this strong message ~ I admire the play on the US and I won't mess with you as long as I play the rules, right ~ I also like cain Abel in the just war, history of being not a one story building....

    This is worth reading again to see if I missed out the reign or rain ~

    1. It really took off and got away from me. I even cut it down and kept some for another spin. Ha. It all started with:

      Comparison kills in ways
      compassion can only envy

      which I doodled on my phone over a month ago.

    2. Those lines are food for thought ~ I am still chewing it ~

  2. Yes, those lines "comparison kills in ways compassion can only envy" are THE lines for me......also "You may exist as long as you dont mess with ME." That is the sad reality of the world we live in. SO well done......I see it being performed rap sty;le at an open mic - or on youtube......

  3. Absolutely brilliant! Inspired! I love all the double meanings and the irony! That's 3 !!! in a row. This is one to keep and re-read, re-read over and over again. Love(d) it. I have run out of words of praise as has my data for the month... Nicely carried away by your feelings x.

  4. it's 'me' ti(me) and time for 'just war'...so.......some words here flash bright indeed, specially US...another brilliant & radiant piece....

  5. This is such a strong and captivating piece :D
    Beautifully penned :D

    Lots of love,

  6. It is frenetic, ironic and playful in such word play such as depth and death, allowing you to choose.

  7. Brilliant absolutely brilliant, the passion of the message, the intelligence, the refusal to be lulled to sleep by propaganda/prophecy. I love the play on US as well and the closing with the reign rain. Bravo man!


  8. it is always all beneath us...you see,most don't....I knew a man once, he thought as well.... ;) x

  9. It is good to have a chalk line...it allows for change we hopefully always happens - History is no one story building,but has elevators - fantastic line in this dance of wordplay and thought

  10. Oh "X"...this is absolutely brilliant...astounding...and breath-taking.
    It's the seeing through all the old cliches...the refusal to conform to all things false...and the discovery of the roots beneath the collective "normality" that really speaks to me.
    Oh this is absolutely stupendous...

  11. A powerful message. One t read again and again and to ponder tolerance and the dynism of love in today's world

    Have a good Wednesday

    Much love...

  12. Lots of good lines. I like "History is no one story building but has elevators," which gives me so much to reflect on. Good poem here, X!

  13. Playful - like playtime with a razor! Cutting stuff.

  14. if this was painted it would be in bright colored graffiti in large letters. It is a loud like expressionism. The part that says so much about the times are the lines they are so obscure and changeable.

    Accept me today
    you have to look hard to find me
    tomorrow Ill change

  15. There is a lot to this! So thought provoking. I like the ones that really make us think. Nicely done, x :)

  16. X, you are a prophet of the universe.

    Comparison kills
    in ways
    can only envy

    This line you wrote rings truth to all mankind and earth herself.

    wow!!! Mind blowing poem my friend.

    P.S I got a new poem...for you to check out. :)

  17. This is an amazing poem. Bravo!!! I love the passion, the playon words, the love in this. Wow, true compassion defined and challenged. Wonderful. You've written something so powerful! Be proud.

  18. A strong indictment of the old system that is still causing problems.

  19. There are no wars of naked humans on beaches..
    Lords of Flies wear
    and Flies
    are FREE
    21, et al...;)

  20. et al...
    ah..IS A
    six between
    the twelve
    and three..;)

  21. Truth, every word.
    Really like the turn this took after we Cain every Abel... A mind twist word game painting of reality.

  22. I like the way you play with the lines to reinforce the message.

  23. Lots of clever word play in this, which I love. These are some of my favorites:

    "ready to birth --
    i am" ... a spiritual rebirth; a reawakening to the need for allowing God to be birthed through us, to work in us ... "out of the mouth the heart speaks" ... "out of the uterus, God breathes" ... yeah, that's just weird; scratch that :P

    "all we see
    are the colors the painter paints with
    across the surface / make believe
    as make up /" ... You should be a counselor. :) Yeah, this is so true. We never know what's going on underneath a person's presentation. Who they are may be something completely hidden from you until you get close enough to really go through all the layers. Like you mentioned bullies somewhere in there. Well yeah, they seem really mean and heartless. But maybe that's because they were abused and taught early on to be mean as an immediate defense. You know, from your students, that the ones who act tough, crude, and horrible to everyone are the ones who have really bad stuff going on with them, either now or in the past. Being a bully is a coping mechanism. A survival technique. Someone's go-to when they themselves feel in danger, or in order to prevent others from attacking them first. They act like they don't have feelings, like they don't care about anything. But really, they're just as broken (or more so) than the next guy.

    "dam-ing tides" ... Dame-ing. Mad-ing. Destiny gaming. LOL. I don't know. The hyphen just invites me to play with the phrase.

    "like fences on the prairie" ... So many extras here. Like = similar. Fences = battling with sticks. Prairie = prayer-ie.

    "call now and we will include a free cosmetics kit" ... Hilarious. One of the best lines in the poem. Cosmetics = cause me ticks (clocks, bombs, blood-sucking parasitic bugs)

    "cont(in)ent" ... Super clever. What sits inside contentment? Or who? What are the contents of contentment? Tin? "Cunt(s)"? ENTs? LOL. Tens, for sure. I love math manipulatives ... those base ten cubes are the best.

    "ascendancy" ... A sin dance-y. A sin dance --- why? It doesn't really make anything better, does it? We are so freaking distracted by ... everything ... when what we should really be consumed by is that "pure and holy passion." We're hopeless. I hope we get "right" at the right time.

    "&reign" = and drain

    It all does in the end, doesn't? Everything drains, whether we want it to or not. We can't keep anything at all. God, love, maybe some kind(s) of friendship. That's about it. I mean, when you least expect it, your whole house will be flooded. Or your car will break down. Or your kid will have to go to the hospital. You know, this is all just so ... pointless. Everything, everywhere. Satan is a brilliant-ass loser, I can tell you that. But he sure does a good job jacking us around in the meantime, making sure we have absolutely no witness at all.

    What I mean to say is, "Hey! I hope you're having a super time in Miami! Best wishes to you and your family; happy travels! Oh, and don't forget that sunscreen! LOL."

    It's exhausting. The "supposed to" of it all.

  24. Art can be most mesmerizing. Very exhaustively dealt here X! Great!


  25. Not bad slick! Personally i have no more patience for any imperial ambitions from anyone. I'd as soon nuke the thoughts out of their head and let them get a do over on the Karmic wheel.

    had a friend call me the other day implored me to not go crazy because of where i live--too late i told him but the truth is I do not know which has gone to the insane side the place i live or me.

    Maybe i should feel fear and less conviction that i have none and have no doubt I myself have seen enough that I live only for today--fuck tomorrow and the riches it may bring, don't need them anyhow.

    Keep up the good fight--you're still young enough to use words with effect, i am old enough to prefer a howitzer.