Thursday, July 23, 2015

Poets Untidied

art by Kenny Cole

If poems were pistols
                     I wonder if we would pull the trigger
                     as often,

Or feel the weight of our words,
                     21 grams for each dead body
                     in our wake

                     Streetlamps are Earth-bound stars
                     coming through Atlanta - mid-nite,
                     everything golden
                                       against the dark
                                       building backdrop, shadows
                                       creeping on tip toes
                                       til at the very edge of pools

A lone black arm spilling out a white sheet,
                      on the exit ramp - a patrol car,
                      cop out
                                   shooting the shit
                                             w/ another, waiting

Surely he's a poet ---
                     or met one, considering the amount
                     of crimson flowing

But perhaps,
                      if poems were pistols it would be good
                      we'd parade
                      around the mall picketing
                      our 2nd amendment
                      rights ---

                      WE HAVE THE RIGHT TO BEAR POEMS
                      WE HAVE THE RIGHT TO BEAR POEMS

                      or with the right permit,
                      conceal them

                      in holsters between our hips,
                      around our ankles,
                      just in case some thug feels lucky

                      & band together under the banner of NPA,
                      the National Poets Association,
                      paper our cars with bumper stickers,

                      POEMS DON"T KILL PEOPLE,
                      PEOPLE KILL POEMS


                      THIS PROPERTY OWNER IS A POET
                      THERE IS NOTHING INSIDE
                      WORTH YOUR LIFE

Fathers clapping sons on the back,
                      saying "WAY TO GO tiger!"
                      when they popped their first poem's

We could start a PAC to support candidates that verse,
                      elect a president that at least knows how
                      to rhyme, so the State of the Union
                      would be tolerable  to watch   -   maybe

                      teach our children how to strip
                      & clean a poem
                                               with their eyes closed,
                      because the time is coming
                      when a revolution
                      will be the only thing
                      keeping poetry                        free

How beautiful it will be seeing all the poets
                       proud to be
                                         & defending each other's liberty
                                         through reading -   (as if we really
                                                                         were literate)


No, this would not be good,
                       it would be TERRIBLE in fact,
                       so many poems around & new ones every day
                       smuggled in from outside the country-
                       sold on the lam, cheap as a tit,
                       they'd be on T-shirts, in every movie,
                       on billboards down broadway,
                       sold in the produce aisle @ the grocery,
                       a whole new psychiatry would rise
                                                        for those that can't,
                       perscription pills,
                       it would be cool --

                      which is the death of things.

 no, No, NO                      I will keep my poetry,
                                         as it is,
                                                 odd as underwear,
                                                                     well oiled
                                                                     & ready.

Come and get me.


  1. Poems don't kill people.. people kill poems.. this is somewhat true.. there are several people who just don't appreciate or understand poetry.. they hardly know its worth.. and they tend to look down upon you for caring so much. Strongly related to this poem.

    I hope people realize that poetry is beautiful.. its an art.. a way to express yourself..! Beautifully penned!

    Lots of love,

  2. I can't convey how fulfilling this was to read and pick apart. ~And not just because of your top layer message.

    You know
    that I know
    how to peel
    an "Union."

    This hit me, hard and deep: "teach our children how to strip & clean a poem"

    Thank you for being you, and for writing this magnificent poem that will touch the souls of so many people.

  3. Ha! You are not shooting blanks with this little handgun of a poem--or maybe it's an ak-47. (They may come for my poems, but they won't take me alive.) People do kill poems, and it seems like all some of us do is stand at the graveside and watch the funeral wind on, with all its saccharine futility. Really, the opening here made my blood run cold. Your vision gets more dynamic and more original, if possible, not to mention higher caliber, every day.

  4. because the time is coming
    when a revolution
    will be the only thing
    keeping poetry free

    This is so clever X. The slogans made me smile. And those closing words pure genius wish they were mine. I will keep my poems ugly too


  5. poets untidied = poets id-united (also, inside of "poets" is "Poe" and "TS" [Eliot])

    favorite lines:
    "Streetlamps are Earth-bound stars" ("ear" inside of "earth"; also, "streetlamps" could easily morph into "street-lambs," which is a Christian thug, or hoodrat)
    "building back drop ... pools" (liquid spilled onto a back is certainly a form of art)
    "A lone black arm spilling out a white sheet"
    double meaning in "cop out"
    "if poems were pistols it would be good" ... Genesis/creation reference
    "we have the right to bear (animalistic) poems
    "under the banner of Pan" (mythology, and panning for gold)
    the imagery of our cars covered in notebook paper
    "THERE IS NOTHING INSIDE" ... such a heavy line; obviously there is everything, but there's also an intensely deep emptiness; poets/artists are hollow and pained in ways "regular" people are not
    "I will-keep my poetry" (meaning that when you die, you will will your poetry to yourself and take it with you; obviously we can't take anything material, but poetry is one of the few things embedded deeply enough in your soul to go to heaven with you. BEAUTIFUL.)
    "we are well-oiled and ready"
    "Come and get me."

    Also, along the left: "if poems swear, or feel the we; alone, be lack our; sure lie, he sap ooo; butt purr haps; fat hers / fat hearse see lap pin/pine; we could start; how beau-tie full-lit; not/knot his wood; "no"-come ... meand(er) get me." ... LOL. Just playing. :)

  6. yep - keep that poetry ugly and unpolished and raw... and dangerous - ha

  7. love the title for the prompt & the site & the slogans & agree with the end...another brilliant one :)

  8. Ooh, if poems were "pissed alls." Love that. Or pi's dolls.

  9. "we are well-oiled and ready" - hearts and souls are messy items that's why washing machines were invented ! Powerful images that convey the tension of the mind. Very Brain Miller!! Thought provoking stuff.

  10. Great play with an analogy.

    If poets were guns, civilians would start sporting kevlar t-shirts
    because of all the self-involved
    rhyme and fluff slung around the neighborhood
    at the innocent work-a-day folks.
    Oh the carnage

  11. Poetry frees the, its therapeutic, Lets keep all our treasures "well-oiled and ready"...Nicely done, Hawk.

  12. Incredible, magnificent, & cooler than shit. You have taken the concept of metaphor, the soul of poetics, mixed liberally & ugly, taken clever quips to a new level, entertained us, made us feel pride in what most of us are packing, & blew the socks off of any unsuspecting visitor who dared to click on the X today. I am off to apply for my Concealed Poetry Permit, & like Heston, you can come & get my poetry only by prying it out of my cold dead hands--wonder how many guns they found in Heston's house after he croaked?

  13. I don't know why but it remninds me of Gregory Corso's "Marriage" poem. Interesting take. >KB

    1. You are very observant KB. I was listening to the audio of marriage done by ethan hawke earlier in the week. I love the craziness of it, so I am sure there is some influence.

  14. because the time is coming
    when a revolution
    will be the only thing
    keeping poetry free

    Oh my friend, that time is now. I love the bite of this and the way you just slid that razor sharp katana from the sheath and just cut through all the bullshit - no prisoners.

  15. Cool idea, my pen is a weapon of sorts. If poems were pistols I would mostly fire warning shots across the bow, or into the air. Or use them as a flare gun. Keep them in my pun closet. :D

  16. In parts, this poem had me laughing, and in others wanting to cry. My favorite line, though I can't tell you why, was "or with the right permit, / conceal them." Peace, Linda

  17. Seriously clever and thought provoking. How powerfull is poetry? Can a poem cause as much damage as a gun, can it do as much good? Reading your poetry brought me to a different world today. Thanks man!

  18. X, this is truly brilliant... if poems were pistols...would we scream and shout and be quick to pull it out unlike now? damn right... still, poetry is just as worthless as black lives in amerikkka. It's up to us to continue to try and change that...

  19. Well, I like the idea of starting a PAC to support candidates that verse. Wonder who, among all of the candidates at present, that would apply to. I really like,"We have the right to bear poems." You have come up with a poem with a diversity of images, X. Love the title "Poets Untidied." Ha, wish I'd thought of it.

  20. This is seriously the most genius poem I have ever read.

    if our poems were pistols,
    we all would make masterpieces each and every day.

    We could rule the world with our words and intelligence.


    P.S I posted a new poem Yesterday. You will trip out like you've never tripped out before in your life. I'm dead serious about what I just said. :)

  21. I admire the idea of poetry being pistols, being everywhere and anywhere including the President who knows how to rhyme ~ I would take and give away poems instead of prescription, smiles ~ But then again, it would not be that valuable wouldn't it ~ Love the metaphor & stirring the hearts of poet everywhere ~

  22. If poems were pistols
    I wonder if we would pull the trigger
    as often,

    That brilliant beginning is echoing in my head - really a great piece.

  23. Hey X, Just wanted to let you know thank you for stopping by and reading my poem.
    However, I do want to say that; I did not sample anything in the poem you read on my blog. It's all me and I wrote it when I was lacking sleep, or just naturally tripping on my own dreams and imagination.

    Just thought I share this information with you my friend. :)

  24. Fantastic... this is a brilliant poem!

  25. This is masterful, subtle wit delivering a message both powerful and profound.

    I like to think we could change the world one poem at a time... This one surely fits the bill.

  26. well worked piece... what about sticks and stones... nice drama

  27. "If poems were pistols..." What a cool concept. This was a lot of fun to dissect. "Poems don't kill people, people kill poems" - love that line.

  28. OH! MY! GOODNESS! How I love this poem! Smiling through the "Streetlights are Earthbound stars", then you picked up speed - We have the right to bear poems - cackled at "this property owner is a poet - there is nothing inside worth your life". LOL. Loved every line...........I think we do have enough poets, for the moment. My own work is faltering badly under an attack of Utter Fatigue........yes, "poems dont kill people, people kill poems." Loved this.

  29. Ah. Now that was something. Powerful in its theme, subtle in its wit and empowering in some way in its message.
    The progression is well done. It's like philosophy jumping from a hypothesis into a full blown account of its supposed practicality.
    I loved everything about it. My favorite bit would definitely be,

  30. ahh... but the joy of putting holes in things.... :)

  31. If poems were pistols... Excellent sharp sentiments bound here. I thought this was a splendid piece - people killing poems is indeed a perspective that has much to look into.

  32. More poetry, less guns. More poets, less violence. A goal perhaps, certainly for the US.

  33. So much to make us giggle and cheer in this piece - literary outlaws huh - pens are mightier than swords - are poems mightier than guns..probably not but we must keep shooting..and exposing the blood that guns leave behind

  34. I'm on my way cowboy, you are without a doubt the most imaginary/reactionary/revolutionary/ no one could ever say "Poems don't kill People, People kill poems" without a doubt the most outstanding expressions throughout your monologue that I have ever heard anywhere in any Century, on any planets you are the Most, with all my admiration, have a carefree couldn't kill a poem if you tried oh X how you make me fell, you words well it's practically magical...Have a Ball this WEekend X, forever

  35. If poems were pistols - words can be used as weapons and be even more hurtful than hardware. They have far more influence in our lives than we give them credit for. Example, who can write a love poem, a psalm or song of praise with hateful words resounding in one's mind? Love should be the language of the world - how different it c/would be!

    1. Btw, your illustration is exactly how my mind sometimes feels - like a jigsaw puzzle.

  36. What a great poem. The imagery is perfect.

    Also I think I might get this made: "THIS PROPERTY OWNER IS A POET
                          THERE IS NOTHING INSIDE
                          WORTH YOUR LIFE"

    Because even outside the context of the poem it is true.

  37. What great parallels you draw here. I loved so many lines of it, there's no point in copying them all down again. I think I might have that printed on a T-shirt though:
    We have the right to bear poems.
    Mind you, I'm glad poems are not guns and that we can pull the trigger as often as we like. I often shoot blanks, but sometimes something meaningful (deadly?) comes out.

  38. Ha! Super clever, X--it would actually be quite wonderful I think. This would be a lot of fun to hear performed. Thanks for smile and thoughts. k.

  39. I love everything about this piece. Poetry packed power laced with wit; A striking combo. Such a great read!

  40. Ah.. feels like home again..
    a familiar place for dam sure..;)
    and when I go to the Mall
    with my Smart phone..
    i shop for poetry with
    my friend..
    and when i wear
    my Shoes
    as an
    the bounds
    of poetry
    YES MY
    in courage of passionate
    way of

    took me while to
    get to the smiley face..;)

  41. Wow! I am so impressed with this...the light sarcasm, the deep message, the metaphors....your phrasing and your unique way of holding nothing back. Loved it!
    If I ever wished I had written someone else's poem, this would be it!! Stellar!!!

  42. You are a master sniper absolutely hit the target with this one. Such a smart analogy!!

  43. Cool is the death of things---keep your poems well-oiled and ready--we all need pistols like these

  44. Cool is the death of things---keep your poems well-oiled and ready--we all need pistols like these

  45. one must write what he or she feels!

  46. This is a very creative poem, and I enjoyed it very much, especially the part about how poems, if they were guns, would be everywhere. The illustration is really cool too. Good work!

  47. Hope you get a chance to join in the discussion at dVerse today. Just wanted you to know that I shared some snippets from this poem as the topic reminded me of this amazing piece.