Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Some crazy galactic sh*t, & stuff

art by damieko

There's this place
always just around the next corner
where the the cats congregate
                                           each night --

I been there

A big ball of furry bodies
snuggled, in
constant motion

putting off enough static

it floats

feet off the asphalt;
its own little forgotten planet,

in purrfect harmony
                     w/ all the secrets
                          of the universe.


  1. That must be quite a sight, and one that certainly ignites the imagination. Great piece. Greetings!

  2. Ha ha ha. This is every guy's biggest fantasy. A big pile of chicks (ahem, kitties), purring and licking each other.

    Or maybe this is about those "furries" I saw on CSI once. You remember that?

    I love the nod to ee cummings at the beginning.

    So is that "once" an English or a Spanish word? ;)


    And stack the s/u at the end kind of makes the eye see "suck-rets." LOL. Very clever. I think we share a brain.

    Ooh, what if there's a hidden "fury" inside "furry"? So maybe all these chicks are riled up and pissed at each other and they're having some sort of crazy, naked fight orgy? Hair-pulling, scratching, and whatnot. LOL. You dudes are hilarious. :P

  3. "stacking," I mean ... now we're on an even playing field, since you misspelled "universe" :P

    "stacking" = "staking" "steaking" "s teaking" ... Lordy, my brain is a painful thing to carry around. Can you imagine having a conversation with me in person? Yeah, it's a pretty crazy ride.

    1. Oh man, I just saw the univiverse. Maybe that is like an alternative universe. Ha. I was just having a bit of fun today. Be back in a bit once class is done.

    2. Well, "uni" is like "one" (and an Uno game) and "vi" is six or sex but also "IV" (which is also four) and "ver" is "to see/watch" in Spanish and "se" is "know" or "be." Or "sea" or "see" again. Or es/is/ease. So everything means something to me, even if it's a typo.

      Aren't you a little bit scared to see how I think? ;)

      In case you haven't noticed, I'm all about fun. So carry on. I'm sure your kids (at home and at school) LOVE you.

  4. Oh boy, so THAT's what a fur-ball looks like! Special food for furballs in the supermarkets! Lol. Hope they generate enough electricity for their needs before winter comes.

  5. I love that secret place of cats!

  6. nice furry lines...purrfect :D

  7. Cosmic Cat - I can see the super-hero cartoon character now.....he knows all the secrets of the universe. If only he could speak! LOL. Loved this.

  8. I'm afraid that kind of place often feels like it's just around the next corner! Thanks for smile. k.

  9. This is a poem for Pat Hatt. Smiles.

  10. smiles... in my town that place seems to be right here cause when i leave the door open all the cats in town seem to wanna meet in my living room..not joking.. maybe i should just let them.. smiles

  11. In every culture cats have been associated with some signs and omens.

  12. How intriguing this is I haven't seen cats gather in that manner! We have a lot cats in our neighborhood very friendly cats (not strays just indoor/outdoor cats) but they are constantly crapping in our yard lol


  13. Cats will never tell us everything they know, which is why we are so drawn to them.
    I like the way this hums with the energy of secrets.