Sunday, July 19, 2015

Tangled in history

photo by william cho

She holds me in her mouth
like a promise to keep

until her tongue grows tired
& falls asleep

I lay awake, an eternal flame
trying to sustain


what is skin deep
                     wears away,
                                & mystery,
   set dancing,
               a seal on the envelope
                         of my own


  1. I love the image, the details wow

    The poem is brilliant love the rhyme, a very cool piece!


  2. A seal that perhaps will open soon to reveal mysteries and many untold truths, a soul fighting for love, or simply reliving the past of what might have been...I wonder.

  3. This one is so beautiful, really, and intricate, that I don;t know how you did it with so few words, so completely. Sustaining memory, till it feels carved like an adornment into your bones...for what is skin, compared to bone?--only a membrane that lets in that flow. (Now you've got me writing in the same cadence--see how you are?) *throws a superlative or two and leaves*.

  4. This is really beautiful.

  5. Whatever is skin deep is easily erased & painted over, but the deeper ones, that rests on our bones & seethes in our blood, they stay with us ~ Have a good week ahead ~

  6. that reminded me about the forensic book i read a few years back... so much what an expert can read in the bones of a person even after years - even when everything else has long faded

  7. I think those first four lines could keep me swooning forever.

    Here are some of the "extras" I see:

    "lame memory"
    "what is skin deep wears away bones"
    "what is skin dew, e-pears (or peers)/appears away"
    "what is skinned in scribed ..."
    "[broken] bones set [when] dancing"
    "S bones ET dancing" (hee hee; just being silly)
    "we are sway-speak"
    "what is skin deep wears away memory"
    "trying to sustain deep"
    "skin sing(s) a seal on/off"

    My very favorite is the part about your eloping lips at the end. That is really gorgeous.

    What if the "speaker" of the poem is the girl's body art? At first I was picturing a tongue ring ... then a tattoo (or multiples, all over her) ... then a lip piercing. So I decided that, yes, the voice is a combination of all the artistic expression she has chosen to make part of her, body ... starting with her skin and seeping into her bones.

    It's also about two people promising something to each other. It could be a love poem, or it could be about someone dying in a hospital room, being kissed by the loved one being left behind. I adore this about your work ... that I could come up with at least 5 stories to go with everything you write, that every person who reads it could walk away feeling something very deep and very personal.

    Ha. I just found "we arse, inscribed with be."

    I love what you did here:
    & mystery"

    And then, the picture of mystery being set free to dance. Just gorgeous.

  8. Maybe you're writing about the Tangled movie:

  9. Just like the rings tell the history of a tree the remnants of bones say so much........

  10. Oh God i love your last sentence,you are a Maestro of all words X signed L
    Catch 'ya later upon the wind of your literary mysteries

  11. and still under ;)

  12. sometimes one can read the cheek bones of a person, one can read the heart of a person through one's eyes, one can tell about another human by what they do with themselves and with others.

    this is how i interpret your reading of bones

  13. memories that someone creates & are deeply etched in the inner being are to stay forever...& will perhaps not be shared with anyone....

  14. This one is wide open to interpretation and I love that. Flesh does wear away and the bones are left to tell a story, perhaps dancing (when they could, ha) and the wear and tear resulting. Personally I like to think that someone threw the bones and could tell the past (or the future) by the positions in which they landed. Love the lips likened to a sealed envelope - how fitting!

  15. This reminds me of those Viagra commercials. The "if your erection lasts longer than 4 hours, call a doctor" commercials. :) Love the selkie on your lips at the end. Or you on hers, as it were. "Seal." The perfect word choice. That totally amps up the poem and takes it in so many directions. Fantastic poem.

  16. "Lips envelop mystery, memory."

    I love that.

  17. Loving your metaphor of words here. Beautifully outstanding poem my friend.

    Gosh! This piece got me inspired. :)

    New poem my friend X, check it out. if you are free.

  18. I feel the words..bones are artifacts that remain long after we have gone...they carry our story as our words are etched in the fine lines...the sealing of lips is what carries the song through the ages...absolutely love what you did with this..smiling from ear to ear...