Thursday, August 27, 2015


Pressing an ear to my belly button
I listen
            to all the wild within me

how it gathers
in a raucous writhing
beyond the pucker
of my birthing

"What is my name?"

the wild asks,
as if I am Adam,
this Eden,
& apple pie
                  has replaced
                  any thought of dinner

"You,"                                 (her,
I answer                                mine - more by choice
                                              than any kind of owner/ship)
& wait

for the smile
that is coming

like sunday morning whip cream


  1. First I have to have love a poem starting with pi... and that rumbling, a concern or beast that wakes you up.. Yes those mornings do exist.

  2. beautiful - so is it your wedding anniversary today?
    i recently read an article called "choose your partner every day or let them go" drastic but true

  3. Oh such emotion in that wait for the Adam's anticipation of apple pie...but without the assumption of any kind of ownership...

    Absolutely brilliant!!

  4. Oh such emotion in that wait for the Adam's anticipation of apple pie...but without the assumption of any kind of ownership...

    Absolutely brilliant!!

  5. Aww, I love that book! Perfect picture. :) And dude: Your poem is hella hawt. Smiles.

    Love the opening:
    "Pressing an ear to my belly button
    I listen" ... Belly buttons don't get nearly enough attention. I love picturing you trying to put your own ear to your belly button. LOL. THAT would make you pretty darn flexible, my friend. But no, she's laying her head on your tummy. And you're listening to her talk, thus the "I listen." And what comes out of her, is also the wild in you.

    Love this phrase: "raucous writhing" ... Like those two words were just destined to bump up against each other. Bliss to my ears. That whole stanza, really. Gorgeous sound.

    I think she's asking you her name, and you're asking her your name. Like, you're going to give each other secret names that are truer, or more knowing/known, than birth names. If that makes sense. Probably not. :P

    Love the Adam reference, as he named the animals in the Bible. Also the apple spin, making it apple pie. That American Pie scene you're drawing on. Priceless. :) Coming // of age. So what you're saying has replaced any thought of dinner is the fact that after you two finish your talk, you're having wild sex. And you're making her your dinner (indicated by your clever word-stacking). Also, she is yours, because she chooses to be; not because she has to be. There's a slavery reference in that owner/ship split. You don't own her, but she's giving herself to you because she wants to. The stacked "& apple pie" over "You" equates the words. She is your apple, so to speak. Your sustenance and your temptation.

    So so so so clever, that lowercased "s," doubling the day name into a sundae. In "morning," I also see a playful "mourning." Like, what on earth is a sundae without the whip(ped) cream?! Maybe you're just being incorrect, but maybe you're saying "whip" instead of "whipped" because you're pointing out that no one in the relationship is "whipped." ... However, there could be a whip involved at some point ... but just for fun. :P

    "like sun-waking breath" ... I love the way you mixed things up with your spacing/stacking to draw this out.

    Very cute pi/pie play. You knew I would love that. :)

    Okay, so now, let's go another direction. We can also take the sexual out of this and have it be very sweet and innocent as well. I can also read this as being about a daddy reading to his little girl. She's lying on his belly; they're chatting and having an adorable, perfect morning together, including ice cream and genuine listening. Sometimes it's easy to pretend to listen for so long that you forget how; but I think this daddy is really listening to his little girl and nurturing the bond. And here, since you talk about the difference between choosing love and being obligated to it, I think maybe this dad is a stepdad or an adoptive dad.

    I love this. :)

    1. I don't remember where I was when I wrote the first line, but it was somewhere over the weekend and the image of myself trying to get my ear to my own belly button cracked me up as well. Lol.

      And you nailed the Genesis reference with the naming. Naming of course giving meaning as well. Which is why I did not give an actual name but just a "you" -- because, is more meaning needed?

    2. And as Amber said, your first para is exactly what I was trying to say - they are the wild in me. Just a little more poetic. Ha.

  6. I LOVE the listening to all the wild within you........and then waiting for that the whipped cream on a Sunday morning. Happiness.

  7. Ha, the wild noises ~ like the gurgling of your intestines subconsciously thinking of breakfast! Nah, I think the birthing is like awakening after sleep (the little death). Sweet and innocent and waiting for the smile and sleepy-ness of her half awake.

  8. Aria's opening paragraph on this had me nodding my head and smiling because I was thinking exactly that when I read the opening of this piece!

    How beautiful is this piece, you have a knack for romantic pieces always the right combination of heat and sugar


  9. Oh GOD.. if i 'can' run through the streets
    naked and dance and sing loud or quiet
    i WiLL say
    'listen' to yoUr
    bELy the vaGal
    nerve will tale
    ya.. you are
    DEAD theRre
    are neVer ruLes
    for wiLd
    that human
    makes for
    Creation ActivITy
    REAL RULes
    am a furRy criTter<3..;)

  10. Title and opening line of the wildness within me hooked me right away ~ Also love the sweetness of the Sunday morning's whipped cream ~

  11. Super creatively awesome! and astonishing!

    Love this whole poem my friend.

    X - Stop by my page...New poem. I think you're going to enjoy this piece.

  12. Much enjoyed the intimacy and wild freedom in this...and the Sunday morning whipped cream breath--how perfect.

  13. The care free sunday morning what a wonder it is!

  14. wow I'd love that kind of breath in the morning, indeed very carefree X

  15. This opening just grabbed me--much enjoyed the feel of this!

  16. This opening just grabbed me--much enjoyed the feel of this!

  17. I feel like there's something extra to be found in the ending because of your spacing: "waking" on its own line, "breath" indented. Maybe you're just trying to slow the reading of the words. Maybe you're trying to draw attention to the "sundae" above. It makes me see "waking da breath," which is extra cute, you using a playful voice when around her. It points out "mourning the whip cream," like it might disappear on you. Or like maybe it's all just a dream. Like, my son just peed on me, and I'm kind of wishing this were just a dream. ;)

    Anyway, that's how much I love you ... just gonna keep on typing, despite the pee drizzling down my leg. (Yup. I'm a sicko.)

    So as for the ending, this is what I've settled on:

    That gasp of "morning breath" you inhale when you wake after a really good/scary dream, not quite sure yet if it was real or not.

  18. This has such a sense of unbridled joy... at being alive, in all its dark and wild glory. And at love, too, the fear and the pleasure all wrapped up deep within us. A very visceral, mesmerizing write.

  19. I love the feeling in this..... Smiles

  20. I like the thought of listening to the wild in me...I imagine it running in the forest or on the beach free from constraints. Hey, everything is better with whip cream...light and fluffy sort of dreamy.

  21. Wow, me really like dat pic, Mr.X ... and the poem takes me 2 places where I have been and where I wanna return 2 sum day ... Love, cat.

  22. Hey x, I love finding the wild throigh your own navel. And it is a very sweet love poem as yours so often are. Just so you know the link you left on my blog was wrongly typed so be careful! (I thought you'd possibly gone again and felt rather sad--). K.

  23. NeVeR stop feeling this way, this is LiViNG!

  24. I think you and Sendak would get along fine ~