Thursday, August 13, 2015

*recommended daily allowance

Somewhere there is a top ten list
of things never to say

to a woman,

and surely on it is:
"I was just pulling a pork butt, thinking of you."

but she, being cultured, asks
"By hand or by fork?"

Because this makes all the difference.

"By hand, of course.
The better to tell the meat
                               from fat."

There is no subtext here, only an intimacy
worth saying

things others would never say

                                            ~ and meaning


  1. only an intimacy
    worth saying

    things others would never say

    ~ and meaning

    You mean intimate things like Got you! You're completely wrong this time and I can prove it! And then doing so. Go ahead my friend and get REALLY intimate, you'll be eating your own ass for lunch for a week or more.

    1. Actually I will be eating the pork butt. Haha.
      I am not above being wrong, you know.

  2. I totally get this. :)

  3. Oh.. fortunately this would would not cause the same effect in Swedish :-) -- Hope the pork is tasty though

  4. Ha, it takes courage to say things that others would never say. Working a 'pork butt' into the conversation is one of those things!! LOL.

  5. Some things we can only say to very few special people. The others would just be mad or think we are mad! Having said that I hope no one ever tells me this. Smiles.

  6. This made me grin.........that is a good woman, who can whip up a comeback like that!!!! Loved this!

  7. This piece has both intimacy and humor. The things Sam and I say to each other, I love his silliness, the joking banter, the outbreaks of song and dance. A good relationship is one where you can be yourself. This right here is romance!


  8. it is very cool when there's such openness and intimacy in a relationship that things like that not only can be said but when the other also gets the subtones - by hand or by fork - of course - that makes all the difference

  9. "The better to tell the meat
    from fat."

    I like that the indentation draws out the possibilities of "me/at" and "meet" being seen. It also doesn't take much to turn "fat" into "fate."

    "And meaning them" makes all the difference, doesn't it? There is definitely a lot of intimacy to be found between the lines of inside jokes, and in healthy free-for-all fun and playfulness. The deepest romance is often built on layers of laughter and ribbing ... especially in the kitchen. Greasy hands don't hurt, either. :)

  10. Love it! From a new lover those would be fighting words...

    Comfortable. Sometimes that's just what love is.

  11. Nothing worse than being wrong in an assumption (how embarrassing), but I somehow don't think you would make that mistake, lol. There are some who may though...

  12. Made me smile--for some things the fingers have the best judgment--the preceding poem also with its music and soft wild feel, just a jewel.

  13. I am smiling at the eating of the pork butt and thinking of intimate thoughts with it- not a good package, ha ~

    I think there are some things only to be said with a close person, and some things that are best not said at all ~

    Happy Friday ~

  14. Last night while dancing i tale the truth of a story
    to my wife and even show a photo of the
    suspect short and true..
    a young lady.. decides
    to get the attention of her
    peers by coming up and
    bootie dancing with the
    wild and crazy
    dancing man..
    kind of
    like wild
    Kingdom if
    you feel what i mean..
    anyway i go on to tale
    the truth to my wife.. that
    she is too short to get
    up to where she wants
    to be.. and those
    arts blocks
    with legs
    cheeks of
    passion another
    way work well
    to escape
    a way-ward
    of full
    and affection of course..
    but anyway i dare to tell
    the truth always
    and that
    is the best policy
    to keep any friendship
    alive.. unless it is a bad
    hair day
    and the wife
    asks how does my
    hair look.. i just
    tell my wife the
    same story
    on that over
    and over..
    you can
    pick your nose..
    and always
    just the same..
    and yeah..
    the truth too..
    THAT makes stuff
    easy.. when one
    can always
    a way with
    the truth
    so far in two
    years of blogging
    there are only three
    bloggers i respond to
    every single post and
    now you are number four
    and unusual as the rest
    are all in their twenties
    and female..
    oh and there
    is another 'woman'
    i will respond to every
    time but she is a rambling
    free spirit like me and i will
    find her
    shE goes..;)

  15. This made me smile, these are the things, these tiny moments, that make love real.