Saturday, September 19, 2015

Citizen 0

photo by leland francisco

I find two cents on the storm drain
which beg permission to hear someone's opinion.

There is no irony
lost, in it being the same toll charged by Charon
for a trip across the river.

These small deaths
to self, add up to homicides & chalk

lines on the sidewalk,
the corner shopkeeper washes off
easily with leftover mop water,

wet spot,
steaming in the early morning air,
no longer a stain
                     on the concrete.


these moments, to remind us that listening
has a cost / measured in lives,
450-500 milliliters,

bags of blood,
donated by those willing to lay down
on their backs.

Even if some look away,
when the needle
                         slips the skin.

sometimes it's best
if you just shut your mouth.

How in love we are with ourselves. With our voice. With our verse. In a rush to publish, because that makes us - what? A poet. An artist. A writer. Something tangible to justify our sense of self. Which came first, opinion or truth? We've gone from Nirvana's "Entertain us" to thinking we are the Entertainment. If you "Like" us, leave a tip. Leave a comment. If you are really good, you can do it in one word. Brilliant, is over used. Four words is stretching it. Eighty can be just as shallow. But that assumes, you're listening to anything but your own voice. Who gives a fuck? Only a few. I will tell you, that much. We become martyrs to our art - so alone and un-understood. Imprisoned by self. Eventually, when we have to produce more to keep the feeling of being - it all tastes the same - because it's mass-produced. Spit out like a half formed child & expected to live. Everyone is a poet. Everyone is a poet. Pass the crayons, I am going to start calling myself Picasso.

~ Citizen 0(zero)


  1. Well, you know I agree with you. There are too many two cents and not enough does this make sense? And just listening. I've been trying a bit harder in my personal life but I feel sorry if I've failed you in the blogging life. You do put so much of yourself out there,-- very serious stuff in terms of both content and artistic effort. Sometimes I am brief because I feel that we are on similar pages but I do know how that feels. This has certainly a lot of pain in that bleeding back. K.

    1. K,

      No, I would not say you failed me at all. I think I fail myself far too often. We spread ourselves a bit thin at times, you know. Just trying to keep reminding myself of that, as much as anything.

    2. Yes-- I know how that is and you do work so hard-- sometimes I want to post just to keep a flow going because it helps with that flow but it can all get very gummed up. Take care and look out for yourself! K.

  2. Both: opinion and truth - subjective substances...our perception, our ritual to label things, to approve or await for someone's approval....instead, yes - listening, observing, learning, because - another version of story - also truth for him/her...yes, we - all our own Picasso and poets of our life/path...

  3. Brilliant...teasing. It's far better than "your work sucks" which is my greatest fear the next comment will say.

    I say only brilliant because your words are so full of truth it shames me that I don't write the complete truth of my world.

    I am afraid to put the bone deep honesty out there. I am just learning to crawl. When no one reads my words I know I will never walk upright and say proudly, "I am a poet"


    1. Being a poet is over rated.
      Language has a way of hiding things, perhaps the best of writers, just have a bit more experience at that. Ha.

      I keep coming back to music. I hear the music. I don't know that I could trust someone that said they could create music and never listened to other music.

      Art is not the vacuum we make it to be, at times.

  4. I like your comment about not trusting someone who wrote music but never listened to other music. And yes, there is a lot of excessive verbiage out there. But thankfully some true and honest hearts too and yours is one of them, kiddo. Shine on.

  5. A writer, certainly a poet, needs to read, to watch films, to catalog was present & is now past. Shit, son, why don't you tell us how you really feel? Poetry is no more overrated than blood is overrated. I am proud to be a poet, for reasons that defy explication, hip-scotch reason. I was an actor, a teacher, & when I identify myself as that folks accept that I have/had some value. Yet when I tell those same people that I am also a poet, they give me the dead stare, like I just came out of the fag closet, or that I have admitted I sick dick on corpses; and yet, I am driven to see, to live, to write both poetically & cinematically (secondary to movie buffdom). I manage two poems a week, three for Haibun Monday week. I refuse to pay for my own published, or even share in the expense. Are we better poets because there are chapbooks or paperbacks with our work, our name in them; fuck, no. And yet it is good to share the writing with a few good men/women, or you are just pissing into a tornado, pissing in your own face. I like your rancor, sarcasm, & darkness. You have poetic balls; like me, like Kerouac, you are "an outlaw of the sensorium"; but this rant riles me up; just saying.

    1. Yeah man,
      Its just sad to see long time friends come and go, like the turnstiles have been greased. I think I am mourning a bit. Just this week I had 4 friends, maybe five, give up. Some because the internet is no longer relevant - or at least the relationships found there. Others, just because. Will anyone notice? There are less voices, or have those GAPs already been filled in?

    2. That is the sad thing about the blogosphere. Over the years, we forge true friendships and sometimes those people just disappear, and one never knows what happened. For me, my online relationships are often stronger than my real life ones - because these are people who read my deepest heart, as my real life people have little interest in doing. Yes, we mourn the losses.

  6. For me.. i refuse to go back to work..
    Works is three decades too much..
    Practice is what i like
    now.. just practice.
    practice.. practice
    to explore new areas..
    and if no one wants to
    go with me.. i guess
    i'll just be
    a lone wolf..
    and howl
    at the moon
    every once in a
    while to check
    for connecting
    in moon
    spray ocean
    rays.. it just
    feels good..
    so i
    DO IT..
    work as
    a practice of Life
    @least for me..:)
    i play
    i play
    LIFE'S gAMe..:)

  7. some souls even if two cents worth cannot but love to play with words, moper time wipes the stain in no time still there will be chalk lines along the sidewalk...difficult to tombstone...each a Picasso in his/her own way ha...hmm...great truths in your notes....

  8. Poet... artist... what's the difference. Sometimes i feel fit to burst if I don't write - anything. Then I love only some of it. Then I hate it. Then I'm embarrassed by it. Maybe I need to get these feelings out? Maybe I'm kidding myself. It does sound a bit presumptive to call oneself a 'poet' - I mean, really!
    Today's write: Love the first part. The way UNDERstated brings out more feelings somehow. You have mastered that, while most of us struggle. Love the second part even more (if that's possible). You laugh at us with good - no excellent - reason. Love the 'tips' comments anything to show that someone's read our writing. Understood or not. Love to see the underlying truth which is what you write. Well done x!

    1. Ha. Its good to feel embarassed by it. Maybe even scared by it at times.
      I wonder if I am writing truth at times if I am not scared by what I write. Cause truth can scare us.

  9. Am trying to connect all the dots and not succeeding.. Your poem comes across to me as a personal cry..yet your angst seems to be against poets and poetry howsoever over or under rated. All I feel is that was a good poem...that's my two cents :)

    1. Is there any personal responsibility of the artist to the state of their art?

  10. You know I was tempted not to comment - as a mark of respect - yes..we can veer into up our own arses when we put pen to paper but i like to think that underneath the fact that we write does mean a fuck - particularly when we encounter like minded people

    1. I agree on when we find like minded people. COmmunity is built one individual at a time, not because we share a name but maybe a common existence. Our lives may not be the same, but there are connection points for sure.

  11. I have read your poem thrice and the comments. The comment I most identify with is that of thotpurge. Not sure if the anger is at yourself for putting yourself 'out there' with your words or if it is at others who disappoint you with their comments, whether they be 1 to 80 words. Listening has its cost...I agree. Writing also has its cost...sometimes the two do not balance. Sometime we want from ourselves what we do not get, and sometimes we do not get from others what we want. And sometimes, in poetry, there is just a lack of balance...and sometimes as far as a comment like 'brilliant' one cannot tell if the comment comes from laziness or from really not understanding a poem & not wanting to admit that to the poet. I've been doing the latter a bit more lately. Anyway, X, rant received and digested.

    1. Yes, you have. And I def appreciate the honesty Mary.

      I am just figuring out if it is worth it to stay in the public eye,
      or if it is time to go back underground.

      It is a question more and more people that I love and respect
      here in the online world seem to be answering -

      as it is not.

    2. Ah, the public eye is fickle indeed. And I think we as poets need to write for ourselves rather than for the admiration of people who won't pay attention to you next week if you don't leave a comment on their blog. I don't think 'underground' is the answer; but perhaps it is asking oneself to write meaningfully rather than prolifically. I doubt many well known published poets (say Frost, Whitman, Oliver, Plath, etc.) churned out 4 poems a week. I've seen the quality of poetry from some who now demand several poems of themselves a week deterioriate in time. I think we need to give ourselves more time to produce something worth saying & worth reading. And we also do NEED to br honest in our response to others, I think, instead of saying 'brilliant' when we don't get anything from a poem. Perhaps if more people recognized that really the 'emperor' was wearing no clothes at all rather than saying 'abba father' (referencing my own poem) it might, in the end, be a good thing!

    3. I think that honesty will do more to mold people than ads kissing any day

      See you get it Mary You Def captured the essence of the argument in that comment

    4. Sylvia Plath wrote like ten poems a day. I think. I could be wrong, but she did not massage unto perfection. She wrote, tweaked, and sent them off. She wanted to express, not to perfect. She wanted to wordsmith, to publish publish publish. And her poems are fairly mediocre, if you ask me. But it's all oh so subjective.

      Her journals, on the other hand, that was her soul on paper. Anyone who wants to read "true" raw poetry should start there.

    5. yep, and Buk wrote like 5 or so a day.
      I used to. Been a while since I was at that stride.

    6. You write 'em, I'll read 'em, babydoll. That's one good thing about having at least non-poet reader: I'm actually here to read. It's my #1 reason for being here; not 'cause I'm reciprocating or asking you to come read me. I'm hungry for the goodies, man.

    7. at least *one* non-poet reader, I mean

  12. PS..

    Poetry is a first
    step to dance...

    Poetry is
    a missing link...

    Poetry is a lonely
    Hearts Club band...

    Poetry is
    a Dead
    Poet's Society

    Where Poets
    just Love to
    get inspired
    and Live

    a Poet
    to me..

    Hi Poet..
    of another
    color as Poetry
    is another Color to me..

    We are all Brothers
    and sisters of another
    Universe.. and Poetry
    gives me a fully
    opportunity to
    feel and see
    that difference
    to understand
    it with a heart that
    grows smaller to
    dance and sing..
    and wilt..

    Yes.. expressed
    freely Poetry
    is the Fountain
    of Youth..
    and as history
    shows to be a free
    poet or truly free artist
    is often to practice alone...

    So perhaps the name
    Lonely Hearts Club
    the best
    when done

    but no i'm never
    alone when i am
    ART as ART is that
    voice of GOD in me...

    And truly to
    me GOD is ART
    as GOD sMiLES
    in HUMAN BEING..

    i respect ART no matter what...

    and that's
    why.. sMILES..:)

    Oh yeah.. and a friend
    is one who lets one speak
    whether one has the time
    or ability to listen or not..
    'cause it's
    the FEELING

  13. *fuller opportunity
    replaces fully
    *larger heart
    not smaller

    you already
    know but that's
    just so no else
    with a 'finer'
    me from
    their heart....

    poetry expresses
    the human condition
    or so well..

    of an X-
    not X.. smiles..
    letting miStakes
    go is also
    the path to

    iN US
    AND OThERS....:)

  14. These small deaths
    to self, add up to homicides & chalk

    I do love this section X

    I thought social media would be easier for me as I suffer from social phobia but it really isn't I get just as tongue-tied and I still blush just as ferociously in front of the keyboard as I do standing face to face with someone. Since I implemented a 24 hour resting period and a limit of one poem a day (unless it is a Carbon Noise day) I feel a lot better about what I put up.

    I have a goal to write everyday whatever I am feeling, whatever I am going through. I feel like my writing has benefited from the discipline. That said I definitely have days where I don't feel that the published work is “art” but I know that I have the strength to face that and that, however, “crappy” the product is that I've still put myself into it. Also some of those crap poems later become my best work because it is usually the crap poems that hint at something very deep but that I do not at that moment have the perspective or courage to develop.

    Actually X you've read my poems from before and after the hiatus (I changed my perspective entirely during that transition), you've been reading my poems for a really long time now and vice versa. I can't tell you how much I appreciate your comments and honestly I am shocked at how spot on you are when interpreting my poems. I am one of those people that can describe a movie as tangerine, despair, pork carnival and I always think should I leave what must seem like gibberish to others in their comment box? I can definitely see how my comments are a let down though and that shame is something I battle with daily. How can a writer be so damn inarticulate?


    1. Writing does benefit from discipline. If you want to get better, you have to write daily, read daily, see daily, hear daily. And you are spot on about the crap poems becoming something else later. Save them - it may only be a line that you keep later but it is worth it.

      Ha. You are not inarticulate. I think of the imagists. Heck, think of a Picasso painting. What you see in it will be completely different than what someone else sees in it. Some will see nothing it in. Will it make it less art?

      If we leave our honest response - is that not the best we can give?

    2. You should change your name every day, like I do. ;)

    3. Exactly X! I read and write daily and I observe but being so severely introverted I could easily become a hermit. I have to watch that, sometimes I have to say stop reading about life and go outside woman and see what is happening. My introversion has led to somewhat of a gap of experience. That said my eccentricity has also drawn in some very peculiar experiences as well. I get to see a part of people that others don't always get to see, I guess I disarm people because they share with me and are often very real with me.

      There really isn't a better gift, I will try to keep it in mind when I am shaking like a leaf over the comment box haha


  15. the corner shopkeeper washes off
    easily with leftover mop water,

    One gives an opinion and someone shoots it down. What is its worth but washed away not with clean but used water. That is how much they accord the respect. This happens when they are struggling to keep pace with others better than them


  16. This poem is thought-provoking. Why do we write? Is it to seek validation? I've often thought of turning off comments, so that I could write without any expectation, but simply for the joy of writing. The act of writing is rewarding in itself, and hopefully exposes truth, brings awareness, inspires, touches others. Even if one person gets it, you will have reached someone. Keep writing, no matter what.

  17. I read your words, but more importantly I hear your voice. You know a groundhog told me we need to dig deeper to find ourselves. I think your words hold value, but the worth of that value is measured differently depending on the perspective. Writing should be something you do from your heart and you are a "poet" a teacher told me each day should start with a poem as it is poetry from your heart and that is where you will find "art" in the heart. I have been struggling with my own presence. I tend to do more writing in my dream journals...for here is the map for me to find my way. I listen to music, read books and read other blogs. I think it makes for a more rounded experience in life. We should write for the pleasure of writing. It is a form of expression for me.

    It is my hope that you will not go further know your voice needs to be carry letters that need be brought forth.....

    You are a poet but, more importantly you are a beautiful person inside and out...and I find myself liking that person.

    You will find the know where I am if you want to talk....

  18. Here's my two cents, which can be as invisible as two coins on a storm drain or one poem on the internet: We write because we must, and I read because I must--not in any rote or habitual way (tho it can be that at times), but in the way that God (or the gods or whatever) leads us and leaves us--with precisely this education and experience. Is it important to know more than that? Stop if you can. But I love your insights and let them worm their way into my thinking.

    In this writing, it is the verse part that I love. The coins! When I find change on the street I always pick it up and re-stage it precariously where someone who might need it can find it. I enjoy that! It blows my mind how you link Charon and the storm drain with the washing away of a person's blood--"tomb-stoning moments." wow! Does poetry do that? Yes, Yes. And I love walking through cemeteries as much as I do libraries. Thank you.

    How pleased you should be at evoking this much discussion!

    1. FYI:

    2. I will have to Check out your vid when I get home At a picnic and just passing through quickly

    3. Ha. I like your idea of staging those coins to be found. I serious find 5-6 coins a day. Actually I wrote about them earlier this week as well.

      Ooo what a cool documentary as well on Citizen 0 - and the father trying to be accepted by his homeland. Kinda freaky stuff when you think I did not even know about that documentary, but it totally fits.

  19. Perhaps one of the strongest things you said, sometimes it is best to shut your mouth? It is not unusual for someone to go beyond others, when he has worked on his work, long hours, long is not less, because it may be hard to are doing wonderful work...and have a special way of saying it...what is more? You have nothing to prove...i will consider the one word response....sometimes i am not sure...what exactly you mean, what do i think in response...but just want you to know I have read your words, heard your voice...and anything said too often, becomes run down in the heels....ordinary. The artist feels deeply about his work, better he than no one...sometimes it isn't the right time...we cannot hear, we cannot see...sometimes we have to grow into it. Becomes the perfect fit...still practice makes if we practice regularly, when we have something of importance to say, we will be you run ahead of most of us.

  20. Superb :) it's such a irony that we don't see beyond our own selves :) such a powerful realisation it is that the learning to listen to others look beyond our own selves takes a lot of effort something like people donating blood even when they are scared of the needles :) wonderful X

  21. thought provoking piece.. we just write cause we don't know how else to get it out.

  22. I really enjoyed the read. You have an excellent turn of phrase and I like the flow of stanza and verse.

  23. I'm pretty sure what X is doing here is trying to run his mouth, loud and hard, to get people conversing. I don't think he's looking for a couple of lines of flattery. I think he wants genuine conversation and philosophical debate. In essence, I think his message is, "Hey. Fuck you! ... Now whatcha gonna do about it, bitches?" ;)

    Seriously, he's a pot-stirrer with a big funky-ass phat spoon and a lotta words in his holster that he's just dyin' to shoot at/with people. Ya dig?

    1. Hahaha. I love you.
      Yeah, something like that.

    2. Love you too, sweet pea. Gotta keep ya laughin'. ;)

  24. Citizen 0 means "I am nothing, nobody ... but I've got a big fat open mouth, and I'm not afraid to use it." Also, that zero easily becomes a target. But what's he gonna do when you decide to throw darts at him? Swallow 'em; that's what. And then regurgitate and spit 'em right back at you.

    Or, maybe his message is that the big-mouth around town (that's me) should shut the F up already. ;) Yeah, it's probably that.

    "These small deaths
    to self" ... You are ever the masturbation poet.

    "These small deaths
    to self, add up to homicides & chalk" ... Kick ass couple of lines there, friend. I know just who to pass this on to. (De. She's my chalk girl.)

    tombstone" ... This gives me the biggest pause. I think you're saying something(s) crafty here, but I'm not positive what. Mostly, I've decided "tombstoning" is some kind of weird sex term the teenagers use these days. So yes, let's "tombstone." ;) Or maybe you mean we should stone some tombs. It's like a variation of "Do not go gently into that good night."

    Fuck you, death. Get your punk-ass offa my ass. In other words, don't let fear run your life to such a degree that your life is nothing more than a collection of small deaths (the bad kind).

    Cause some trouble.
    Pick some fights.

    1. The tombstone thing - why do we put up tombstones. To remember what has passed. Surely it doesnt matter to the people already in the ground, its for the living. Those that loved and no longer can in the material world.

      Nah, don't shut your mouth.
      Rage on.

    2. Well yeah, I got that more obvious part. I was just trying to turn it into something invisibly spoken as well. You know how I do it. Gotta get all crazy and absurd up in here. ;)

  25. "donated by those willing to lay down
    on their backs" ... Maybe the way to fight all the death is to have more sex. And pretty much all poets and artists, in one way or another, are weirdos who want to talk about sex more than other people. Yeah, put that in a dictionary.

    And periods. 'Cause all that blood and the bodies on the ground make me think of a bunch of chicks bleeding together, as girls will do. The collective "we" becomes a pile of whining women inserting/removing feminine hygiene products.

    Poetry should be more disgusting, if you ask me.

    "Even if some look away,
    when the needle
    slips the skin." ... I always look away, 'cause I'm a pussy. All things disgusting besides needles, I'm totally game for. I just can't handle needles. My husband is trying to convince me that we should open a funeral home because I'd love to be a mortician. Seriously, my "dream" is to cut open and play with dead bodies. Yup. I'm not a poet, but I am a serious creepster.

    Thanks for the "s-lips the skin" shout-out. ;)

    sometimes it's best
    if you just shut your mouth." ... So yeah, there's the idea that maybe we have big mouths. But also, if your mouth is closed, then your other senses are activated to a greater degree. Furthermore, I think there's a lot of meat in the phrase "Poet, sometimes." One would have to feel pretty confident to take on the term "poet," but maybe "poet-sometimes" would work.

    1. I had this manager once, he thought he wanted to be a mortician. So we got him set up to assist on some embalmings. Whatever you call it when you clean up the bodies for funerals. He loved it.

      I have worked wrecks and handled dead bodies before. Its not so bad.

      Just dont cross the line with the bodies you know, that is the only thing that creeps me.

  26. "tom b. stone" ... Is that your way of offering an invitation to stone you? Tom. Tomcat. Tom Riddle. Tom Green. Dylan Thomas. Thomas McGrath. I think those are all versions of you. Really though, I guess if you're not open to being stoned, you probably shouldn't be a poet. That's why I can't seem to manage it. I write goofy garbage because it's easier than sincerely writing what I think or feel. And I'm okay with that. In fact, it even makes me happy.

    Please, please do not go underground. I only do it because everyone hates me. And that's okay; I love myself. But I suppose I'm doing the world a kindness by pretending I don't exist. Don't you think?

    Check out this coolness:

    Pic ass 0

    I'll be your pic-ass-o, bro. Always and forever. :)

    I think that's what you're saying, ultimately. Let's all be friends, and NOT play nice. Let's just all come together as a community (ugh, I hate that word) and be asses. If I can still be an ass, I'm totally in.

    Or maybe you're confessing that you pick your ass. :P

    1. I am def down with all of us being asses together.
      I think you asked me a question earlier this week on which is the more real us, the face that we share, or when we are totally being asses. Its all in the moment.

  27. Well often it is that people fail to decipher the meaning of something and refuse to admit it to others ( let alone themselves) but I feel that one should not hesitate to state what they feel once they have read something. Powerful write.

    Lots of love,

    1. I agree completely. This is where our own ego gets in the way. Or we don't want to step on toes and it all ends up just like unflavored oatmeal, with too much water. Ha.

  28. The other day a man, who says he no longer writes poetry because he's not really seeking the compliments of others, asked me how long I've been writing poetry. "About five years," I said. "You're still at the high school stage," he responded. This hurt a little because I don't think I have time left to get to university stage. But, I'm still listening more to the man who didn't judge my writing by its superficial value as art, but rather encouraged me to write from the heart. I've tried to do that and remain eternally grateful to him. I know you understand.
    I'm a little lost though in this conversation, so maybe I'm really at an elementary stage. All I know, is that we should write if that's what feeds us. Then our writing is like a mandala - meant to flow in the wind. I do hope you stay above ground, that you let us share, by reading, in your creativity and your heart. You do much good, you know and as shallow as it may sound, your work and your passion are brilliant.

    1. I don't know if I would be taking advice from one that no longer writes poetry. Ha. They are not even in school any more. Write from the heart is about the best I could tell you.

      I am particularly fond of the mandala.

  29. You never disappoint because you just say, 'fuck it' and then you write your truth....the community from blogging is important and those relationships we do forge are important....I love the conversations, like this one. Job well done X!

    1. I like conversation as well. It is more why I write than most anything. Its the real people.

  30. How important it is to write what we feel. We write to say I am here,may I talk to you and perhaps your world will get bigger by doing so. It certainly does with me. Stunning writing X.

  31. One can glean much wisdom from your poems. Keep writing X.

  32. Still, it is worth trying I think.The way people might just pass and never really going into understanding. Maybe Internet is not suited at all for poetry.. It takes time to read, it takes maybe even more time than to write, I think as a poet you have to understand that at the end of the day you both write and read mainly for yourself (most of us do).. but until you can read properly I do not really understand how you can write.

    1. Amen on that last bit there.
      How is your business trip going? You home yet?

  33. hahahahahahahaha Citizen 0 that makes you the first case of this plague. Do you really give a shit about my opinion of poets, publishing and fame + the lack of fortune (except to the banks with the student debt for the "professionals")?

    I hope not because it isn't worth the two cents on the drain, the price of the chalk, or the spilled blood. Bukowski had some insight into the art of it all; your comment in a way reflects his inglorious opinion.

    1. There is a certain futility to it.
      I am not interested in publishing. Or fame. I had it for a moment,
      but it is not filling.

      I am interested in your opinion, only because it is you man.

    2. Once you have seen your name in print at someone elses request you get all warm and fuzzy but then reality steps in and you realize you just worked a hundred hours at your craft for 2 cents an hour. I like our way better, give it out to them who stumble onto us and and speak soul to soul. I like thoughtful comments but then...i am mostly writing now for my grand children's understanding of a life they may never know. The love, the ugly and the lovely ugly.

    3. it's funny I started by writing for my boys and in some ways I still do but I morphed a bit over time to write for others as well

  34. i don't know, X. i don't think i can write a poem a day, maybe perhaps during Napowrimo. the demands of daily living takes over, working 10, 12 hour shifts leave not much energy and time for other things.
    i am just glad i can wake up in the morning, look at that old face in the mirror and then go out and be the part of a technician/email ranter/resident grouch, yeah maybe a poet sometimes when the clouds look pretty. or really dark.
    i think i am writing off topic in this comment. just want to write something. :)

    1. Amen man. But I would much rather read the verse of a working man, than some of the polished flarf of so called educated people that make most journals.

  35. Writing is my go-to place, when nothing else will do. Inevitably, my chattering mind will cease chattering altogether. While I wait, I quiet my sad observations and disquieting hunches by filling that dark ruminating place with words that carry me away. I have come to accept that there are things in this world that one can do and there are those things – the cold, mean madness of being – that will always be there. I suspect that most “poets” would be hard pressed to express what it is they think they are achieving with pen and paper other than doing that, which they feel compelled to do.

  36. I think about this a lot lately... What do we do it for, ourselves or the attention, the justification of our "selves"...
    I only know that I can't not write, it has become my morning habit, and even though sometimes I feel too settled in, other times I surprise myself. But I find myself caring less about the readers and more about the writing, and I'm not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing...but it feels a bit like a letting go of something.

    But I hear you, it's always hard to keep up and you wonder the cost. Sometimes it really is best to shut up. But I think only for a while perhaps, to recharge, refill, watch and learn. Then the writing comes again.

    Your poetry is some of the best out there and you're so consistently good that it becomes hard to say new things about it, always worth the effort though. You have the eyes of poet, you see something out there that so many miss. I think that's important.

  37. ...I started writing to heal. Then it became an obsession. I felt I must create something, every day. Now I write what I see, what I feel, what forms when I close my eyes and my fingers just type away... And this is a pleasant space to be in.
    Your writing I love. It's so.... so.... 'off the cuff', yet full of thought at the same time. Keep going, I say.

  38. Painfully honest.

    (A word per coin)

  39. i use to write, it ended because .....ashes can't re rekindled, but hey you write it new, the old, I use photos, photos photos, always, same, same, and you write ashes over and over and stop. Because X knows honestly is really bullshit, everyone lies, or else there would be no bloggers....You Rock me into a semblance of a reality, that's more than i can say for the life of me

  40. Wow - those were strong statements embedded in your poem, X. I used to write poems in the early 2000's but quit since I feel I am a bad writer / poet.

    Then comes photography - which rekindled my love for writing.

    I enjoyed the commentaries too - wish i can express my thoughts more. But thanks for this