Thursday, October 1, 2015

Under/water basket weaving

Three days rain
runs down the street, a raucous group of children,
freshly released from school.

Some leave their names
carved in the earth in letters ---
                                       like Y & X.

The deluge is static on the roof of the car,
a lost signal of the radio station.

The tones
of the Emergency Broadcast system cut
through the speakers.

Birds keep watch on the wires above,
periodically doing a shimmy-shake to remove the excess.

It builds up.

A young lady on the sidewalk, in dress, too nice
for a day like today, soaked through & clinging
to her body - walks with purpose, head up,
unwilling to let the rain deter her.

We are going nowhere fast, the wipers can't
keep up. Drunken drains back up.
We sit, move a bit, sit.

The walking woman disappears
behind a curtain of falling
rain& headlights, rain& ---

Someone cuts up the volume.

Nothing looks the same in a storm.

Solid lines blur.
Everything stretches.

Saying nothing of truth ---

Red & Blue lights bloom bright,
explosions in every drop that bursts in circles
on the windshield.

A plane passes overhead,
above the clouds - unseen.

We move on,
a little at a time.

The flood is still to come.


  1. love how the capture the atmosphere of the rain day - the people and all the little details incl. the mood of the moment. cool title as well
    hope the sun shows up soon again
    and hey - that woman in the rain with her dress clinging to me was i in venice... the day before i got sick - ha

  2. I like how you describe how the word looks different in rain..
    Solid lines blur.
    Everything stretches.

    and maybe it's all a big deception...

  3. And yet, how many storms have we weathered already? :)

  4. At the moment we have a reprieve from rain and I am gad for it.

    This reminded me off when me and hubbie were driving between Wilson county and Johnston County the sky went totally black (it wasn't night time) and the rain was in sheets the road almost immediately swelled up with water, just like that out of nowhere a storm. It was very scary but there was no where to go but forward, we weren't exactly anywhere.


  5. Weather is like the breath of God and always awesome.. in my book at least.. and as talked to death before.. Hurricanes at one time are my favorite until Ivan destroys my favorite tree that grounds me to God.. when work and CULTURE THEN.. will never have me that way.. It's an awesome experience to have God blow most all of cultural infrastructure away in just a day.. but
    the rain..
    It's like that movie planet of the
    Apes when Charleston Heston
    is riding down a most
    beautiful beach
    with the most
    in the
    at his back..
    and bitches cause
    humans destroyed
    all the ugly buildings..
    ha! i remember that
    as i follow my wife around
    with my iPhone camera
    beauty is in
    and flowers
    and never
    and mortar alone..
    during the first hurricane
    Erin.. i experience in 1995..
    i am forced out of work
    to remember
    how beautiful
    my wife
    as a
    face of
    as i remember
    we haVE great
    sex.. at that
    time.. as
    i remember
    i sEE God's
    face again
    at that
    It's raining
    my friend
    it's raining..
    but it's
    of culture
    than tears
    of human
    yeah i know..
    gotta always
    get it deep
    but hey..
    once again.
    we got all
    11 inches
    in one
    It's raining
    yes.. it's raining
    even in new Jerusalem
    in the new Free Israel
    for human beings
    with more
    churches per
    square mile
    still filled
    with rain
    than any other
    place in the USAisRAel..
    and who knows perhaps
    the UniVerse.. but i ain't
    making any
    on that..
    with my
    of tears
    of God..;)

  6. I can almost hear the rain drumming on the roof of the car, can see the young woman trying to ignore her soaked-ness......great capture, X.

  7. I specially admire: Nothing looks the same in a storm.

    Out in the storm is very depressing and dangerous from my experience ~ I like to observe it from the inside though ~ Nice snapshot of the city deluge with rain ~

  8. Terrific capture, diverse snapshots, written with wonderful immediacy. Our extremes of weather of late are distressing; something no one can escape. I needed to find a towel after this read; wow. I like the lines /the wipers can't keep up/drunken drains back up/.

  9. You really have made this storm come alive. So many details. I like 'static on the roof of a car.' I do hope the rain has passed & that the flood is NOT yet to come!

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  11. Fine and delicate descriptions looming in and out of focus add to the tone of being lost in the decline and fall of more than just the climate--an interior storm that won't let up. Stay safe down there, X--I don't want to miss any of your scratching in the mud.

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  13. Yes. I appreciate how your words take me right into the car.

  14. This is so powerful, "X" a stunning painting of a rainy day...that type of rare painting that allows you to see more every time you look at it.
    The solid lines blurring...everything stretching...the sense of things being different - as if you have morphed into another dimension.

    A really fantastic capture of a moment in time! :)

  15. What happened to your new poem-a-day pinky promise? Okay, so maybe you didn't full-on promise. But you are being a lame-o and ruining my weekend by not writing. :(

    I hate it when you do this. And you know what comes next; the pony braids start pouting ...

    1. Ok, I dropped 3 haiku...or X-ku, because syllable counting is oppressive. Ha. Sorry, the storm could be an excuse - flooding and all - but I will blame it on building a 'Longhouse' w/ son for a school project.

      Went on an urban hike yesterday during the storm - gotta write that poem - it was interesting to say the least. Ha.

  16. Your descriptions are spot-on, x, bringing the whole scene to life in 3-D. The birds shimmy-shake - Love it! - And the explosion of the drops landing on the windscreen is excellent! Missed your writing while I was away visiting all the animals in the Kruger Park for a few days and recharging my batteries... Thanks for checking...

  17. Nice observation...waiting too much, time is stretching for sure in rainy weather...tension builds feels like we got the pause before the main action tomorrow.....visual read!

  18. If I had one wish today, it would be for every one to glimpse the beauty of common you do.

  19. The young lady throws me. She doesn't seem to belong. Perhaps it's what she's called. My 2 cents.
    The rest l imagine. I like the rain and miss it. Southern rain is different. I miss the sky in the South, but not the floods!